How to Export Passwords in Google Chrome

How to Export Passwords in Google Chrome

How to Export Passwords in Google Chrome – Google has developed the famous browser Google Chrome enabled the password Export within version 64 of the browser Google Chrome and above, where users can export a single file containing the passwords stored on the browser for use in other browsers or in the applications of the password tool.

So in this post we review the way to export passwords in Google Chrome easily, but initially go to Google Chrome browser and then to chrome://settings/help through the address bar of the browser and make sure to update the browser to the latest version.

After updating Google Chrome to the latest version, go to chrome://flags/#PasswordExport through your browser’s address bar, and then change the status of the Export password from Deafault to Enabled and then restart the browser by clicking Relaunch.

Now go to Settings and then to the Passwords and forms section and then select Manage passwords. From the list of three points next to the passwords stored on the browser, select Export and a CSV file containing the passwords and user names of the sites will be created.

Thus, you can import the password file into any browser or application that supports passwords from CSV files, such as 1Password, Lastpass, and others.

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