How to Enable Screen Recording in iOS 11

How to Enable Screen Recording in iOS 11

How to Enable Screen Recording in iOS 11 – Apple launched iOS 11 from September 19, 2017 to all users around the world. The system, which can be up to 2 GB, has brought many very useful features highlighted by Screen Recording.

Users of Apple iOS 11 can record the phone screen without having to use an external application for this, and because the feature is not visible by default, we will review How to Enable Screen Recording in iOS 11.

First go to Settings and then enter the Control Center and then click on the Customize Controls option. Finally, under the More Controls option, click the green overload icon next to the Screen Recording option, and you will notice that the screen recording option has been added to the Include options above.

Now go to the Control Center by dragging from the bottom to up or up to bottom depends on the device you are using, and you will notice a circular icon of Screen Recording clicking on it will start the countdown screen recording device, you will notice a red bar appears at the top of the screen which means it is being recorded The screen of the phone and pressing it will stop recording the screen and save the recorded section in the Photos folder.

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