How to Hide Notifications Preview in iOS 11

How to Hide Notifications Preview in iOS 11

How to Hide Notifications Preview in iOS 11 – Apple has released iOS 11 for iPhones and iPads with a new feature that allows the content of notifications to be hidden on the screen. Instead of fully displaying the notification, the name of the application and the word “Notification” are displayed for privacy.

This feature was heavily restricted in previous versions of the system. It was available for a limited number of basic applications only and required to be run with each application separately. However, from iOS 11, this feature was developed and The property is fully on the system and on various applications.

How to Hide Notifications Preview in iOS 11

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Click the Notifications option.
  • Click Show Previews.
  • Select When Unlocked.

When you turn on this setting, you’ll notice that all applications that send notifications to you on the lock screen will appear normally but without content. You can read notifications as soon as you open the lock, and if you choose Never instead of When Unlocked, you will not see notification content even after you open the lock.

You can also hide the content of notifications on the screen in iOS 11 for a specific app that you have more control over your system’s privacy settings. You can do so by going to the Settings app and then clicking the Notifications option and then going down and searching for the app you want to hide content Notifications from it and click on it and search for the Show Previews option and activate it.

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