How to Fix Google Chrome White Screen

How to Fix Google Chrome White Screen

How to Fix Google Chrome White Screen – Google Chrome users face many problems in the browser including the white screen problem when you open a new tab or open the browser settings. The problem is caused by, for example, viruses, a malicious add-on in the browser, a new version of the browser, on the computer.

So in this post we review together How to Fix Google Chrome White Screen, but at first make sure to scan for all files and folders on the computer from viruses.

Turn off Hardware Acceleration When Available

  • Go to Settings in Google Chrome.
  • Click Show Advanced Settings.
  • Search for the System option and remove the check box from the Use Hardware Acceleration While Available.
  • Finally restart Google Chrome browser.

Delete User Data

Updating the white screen problem sometimes because of a problem with the User Data files on the computer. This is data for account settings and problem solving. Delete a User Data folder. Deleting a folder will delete account data such as settings, extensions, history, favorites, etc.

  • Go to the Run tool by pressing the Windows + R shortcut from the keyboard.
  • Copy and paste the% LOCALAPPDATA% \ Google \ Chrome \ command in the Run tool and press Ok.
  • In the pop-up window, delete the User Data folder by selecting the folder and pressing the Delete key.

If none of the methods worked, you can only uninstall Google Chrome and reinstall it on your computer.

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