How to Disable Full Screen Optimizations in Windows 10

How to Disable Full Screen Optimizations in Windows 10

How to Disable Full Screen Optimizations in Windows 10 – Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system comes with many new features including Full Screen Optimizations for games, which improve game performance. After several reviews, users find that the feature has no effect on gaming performance on powerful computers, but it works To improve performance in some games on vulnerable computers.

But the number of user has some problems in certain games, and because there is no specific list of games supported by the property or games that are not supported, we review together in this post the way to disable the full screen optimizations in Windows 10, which you may need in case you have problems In game performance due to this property.

How to Disable Full Screen Optimizations

If you have a bad experience in one game or several games you can disable the Full Screen Optimizations for this game or games by going to the game file that comes in the exe and then right-click on the file play the game and choose Properties and then go To the Compatibility tab, finally enable the Disable Full Screen Optimizations option and press Ok.

If you want to disable Full Screen Optimizations on all games, you can use the Compatibility Manager. After downloading the program from the link below, unzip the program file and then click the Add Folder option and add the game folder. On the Games tab, click the Select All button and select Disable Full Screen Optimizations.

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