10 Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind – From finding hidden object that we are convinced aren’t there, to mind bending Illusions that trick our brains, optical Illusions are plentiful and vast on the internet.

 There are known to go viral and leave millions of people puzzled, and wondering “What just Happened?”. Get ready to rattle your brain, because these are 10 Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind.
Hidden in The Wall

 This optical Illusion had the internet scratching its head when it went viral in May of 2016. If you take a few seconds to look at the picture, you will notice something is out of place. still not sure? Look closely at the seam between second and third layer.
If you are still not seeing it, there is a cigar shoved between the second and third layer of bricks. This photo tricked millions of twitter users, but once you see it, you can;t unsee it!
Black and White

This monochromatic photo of a castle is actually messing with your brain as you are viewing it. As you stare at the blue dot in the middle, your brain is getting used to the red, green, and blue colors it is viewing and will start to ignore them over time.

After 30 seconds the photo goes black and white. The photo looks like it’s a clear colored photo of a castle. As your eyes adjust, you can see that the photo is actually black and white. Trippy Huh?
Up or Down

There are many optical Illusions on the internet that seem to change direction right in front of us. This is a photo of a cat, but the question is, is the car runnig up or down the stairs? Take a moment to decide.

Depending on your percetion, the cat is either going down with the light coming from the ceiling or it is going up with the light coming from the downstairs floor. People have been so confused by this optical Illusions that they have turned to the biology of the cat, and it’s posure.
So did you think it was going up or down?
No Lake

At first glance this photo looks like a young boy leaning on a tree staring out at a lake. But looks can be deceiving, as there actually is no lake in this picture. Do you see it? If you are stumped, here is the answer.

When you turn the photo 90 degrees to the left, you can see the actual scene. The boy is lying down on an uprooted tree, and what before looked like a lake, is actually the sky.
Blue and Green Spirals

In this optical Illusion you will see blue and green spirals separated by Pink-Orange spirals. What if we told you that the separate blue and green spirals are actually the same color!

The reason these spirals look different is because our brains figure out the color of an object by comparing it to surrounding colors. In this instance the spirals aren’t actually continuous like they appear.
The pink spiral only goes through the spirals that look green and the orange spiral only goes through the spiral that appears to be blue. When you zoom in the effect becomes clear. But when you put the spirals side by side, they are actually a mint green color.

Disappearing Dots

This optical Illusion drove twitter users crazy when its designer released it in september of 2016, take a look at this image. It seems like there are 2 maybe 3 black dots that are constantly moving between the grey intersecting lines.

The truth is, this is a static photo, and there are actually 12 dots total that don’t move. Our brains won’t let us see all the dots at one time, therefore this photo has an Illusion of disappearing or moving dots.

Same Picture

It’s obvious that these two photos are pictures of the leaning tower of pisa. But it seems like the tower is leaning a little more in the photo on the right.

These are actually identical photos, and your brain is treating them as a single scene. Normally when you see two columns together they appear to be getting closer to one another as you look up.

Because these are photos from a lower perspective, our brains think the columns will appear closer together. But since this tower isn’t actually straight, it appears the one on right is actually leaning away.

Phone on Rug

This optical Illusion proved to be one of the most frustrating brainteasers ever. The photo went viral on facebook, after the photographer took a photo of their phone on a rug.

The photo features a flowery rug, and asks viewers to find the phone. Take your shot at it. Did you see it? If you are having trouble spotting it, you aren’t alone! It’s nearly impossible to find the phone because it has a nearly identical flowery battern on it, as the rug.

Take a look at the bottom right leg of the white table, the phone is lying on the ground right next to it. Was that a tough one for you?

Makeup Illusions

Makeup artists have started picking up one the effect they can have by creating optical illusions with special makeup. One teen created a fake wound so convincing that it left her friends completely terrified.

Take a look. The makeup gives the illusion that her hand was severely injured and had bones and blood protruding through her skin. Seeing just how freaked out her friends got over the makeup, she started posting her gory makeup illusions online and hopes to spring board all attention into a career in special effects makeup.

Change in Speed

This optical Illusion is actually interactive. What looks like a video going at a constant speed, can actually be changed by the placement of your hands. Hold up your hands to the outside of this video, it will seem as though it has slowed down.

Now, place your finger in the middle of the video, it seems like the video has suddenly sped up! Did this optical illusion word for you?

You can watch it here.

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