10 Survival Hacks That Could Save Your Life

10 Survival Hacks That Could Save Your Life

10 Survival Hacks That Could Save Your Life – We all know that in life, unexpected things can happen. Sometimes there are very minor things, but other times they may require us to think fast and react even faster.

Here are 10 Survival Hacks That Could Save Your Life one day.

Crayon candle

 In the event of an unexpected power outage we may not always have batteries for flashlight on hand or proper candle. So what we can do instead?
Well, if there are crayons laying around each can be used as an emergency light source for up to thirty minutes. No kidding. Just don’t remove the paper wrapping as it helps by acting as a wick.
They can also be melted down into a glass with a wick and used as a proper candle. So for anyone with lots of broken crayons laying around it may be a good idea to recycle them for future use.
Hidden Money

Nowadays almost everyone has a cell phone on them, but what they don’t often have is cash. In an age where the majority of our money is digital there aren’t as many people carrying physical cash on them.
While this typically isn’t an issue some situations may call for a few dollars, such as emergency taxis as not all taxi cabs take plastic. Slipping a 20 bill or two between our cell phone and its case, means we always have a little green on hand in the event of an emergency.
Escape a Sinking Car

The first instinct when trapped in a submerged car may be to try and open the door, however money people don’t realize how difficult it is to open a door underwater.

Every second counts so trying to open the windows is usually a better choice, but even this can be difficult. Since many cars now have automated windows it’s best to try to break the,
There are products available that can be placed in the glovebox, but should this not be available anything with a sharp point could work.
Battery Hack

Who else has ever found themselves in need of AA batteries for lantern or portable radio, but all they have on hand are AAA? Rather than searching for appropriate replacements there is a very simple hack instead.
Taking aluminum or tin foil, roll pieces into balls big enough to fill the missing space in the device. The foil will complete the electrical circuit if placed correctly. This meant as a temporary solutions however.
Fresh Water

If ever stranded without water it can be tempting to use the nearest stream or puddle, but these may contain harmful bacteria. Dew, the water that builds up on grass and leaves in the early morning, doesn’t need to be purified and can be easily collected.
Using a t-shirt or clean cloth dew can be collected and wrung out into a container or strainght into the mouth. It’s possible to gather as much as two gallons before the sun causes it to evaporate.
In the winter snow may seem like a good option, but it can increase the likelihood of hypothermia, so it should be melted first.
Leaf Rope

Sometimes desperate times call for rope, but if there is none around we have to make do with alternatives. The fibrous thorned leaves of the yucca or cattail planets work best for this purpose.

Dead brown leaves are best, but the green leaves will also work. The outer fibers of the leaves must first be scrapped off before they can be weaved into rope. Though it may take some time to achieve great length it’s certainly better than nothing.

Keys for Self Defence

Walking alone at night or in a dark barking garage can feel very daunting. Men and women alike can fall victim to muggers, so it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

One way to protect ourselves is to place our keys between our fingers. This creates a brass knuckle type of defence in the event of robbery or attack. It’s very simple, yet highly effective.

Having our keys in hand also means a quick escape since there’s no need to search through a bag or pockets.

Kitchen Fires

Dousing fire with water is so ingrained that sometimes we do it without even thinking. In the case of an oil fire in the kitchen it’s the worst thing we can do.

When water is poured on a grease or oil fire the water sinks to the bottom of the pan and evaporates quickly. This causes the oil to rise up and shoot the flames even higher.

The best thing to do when faced with an oil fire is to turn off the heat and cover the pan with either the lid or a damp dishcloth. This cuts the oxygen supply and suffocates the fire.

Water Filtration

Nobody wants to drink dirty water, but sometimes a situation may call for it. While boiling water removed harmful bacteria, it doesn’t do anything about mud and rocks.

Since dirt and other particles may irritate the throat and clog up the lungs it first needs to be filtered before ingesting.

Using two clean containers and a clean piece of cloth it is possible to clean dirty water. Pour the dirty water into one container, dipping one end of the cloth into it and the other end in the empty container. The water will travel into the cloth and drip into the empty container as clean water.


Since it was first introduced in 1961 the heimlich maneuver has saved roughly 50,000 people from choking in the united states alone.

Though many people know how to perform the maneuver on another person very few seem to realize it can be performed on themselves.

Placing one fist just below the navel and the other palm over the closed first. then leaning over a counter or the back of a chair can help drive the fist upwards into the diaphragm. Repeating the motion several times can dislodge an object that’s become stuck in the throat.

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