10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jake Paul And Logan Paul

10 Things You Didn't Know About Jake Paul And Logan Paul

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jake Paul And Logan Paul – We are going to be looking at 10 Facts About Jake Paul And Facts About Logan Paul they are the brothers who are taking over the internet right now.

They have the fastest growing YouTube channels and millions of fans and Peter’s and are now sneaking into Hollywood, smart Olivia a superfan don’t like them or have never heard of them before it gets ready learn some new crazy facts about them, despite people being so engrossed in their lives, these are facts that are very interesting and surprising.

Big Bucks

After six months of starting on vine they were already making more money from their parents, it’s no secret that the Paul brothers make a lot of money today but how much money is it exactly? There’s no real way to tell for sure but a very accurate estimation can be made from their YouTube channel Jake Paul apparently makes 23 million dollars a year while Logan Paul makes 16 million dollars a year or so each brand endorsement they do makes them around two hundred thousand dollars.

They’ve both had TV appearances as well as Jake Paul having a big contract with Disney, they both live in very large houses, which estimated to cost in the million of dollars, not only that Jake Paul owns a brand new one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars self-driving Tesla, they make a lot from their merchandise and have thousands of fans who buy anything from t-shirt to phone cases and more, despite their not being an exact figure it is in the millions and it’s safe to say they make a whole lot of money.

Drop Outs

You may think that Jake and Logan have always been YouTube stars as they are so young, as we said before they started out on vine during this time Jake Paul was in high school and Logan Paul was at Ohio University, after he gained around two million followers he dropped out to move to LA to become quote the biggest entertainer in the world.

Jake Paul also dropped out of high school, despite his teachers saying he was making a big mistake but this was clearly not the case as he is now super successful online, Jake did actually go into graduate online high school and received diploma in LA, they both dropped out of school and were able to make it work.

Logan and Jake have actually had other businesses during their school years, for example they started a landscaping company when they were both in high school and worked all day for 10$ an hour, so it despite from being very well established online right now, this is not where they began.


Watching their vlogs it may seem like the Paul brothers live the perfect life, they have huge houses, fancy cars and make a lot of money but their past was not as sweet as their present, back when they were young their parents Gregory and Pamela Paul began arguing, for actually the arguments would get worse and worse, which was very tough on the Paul’s brothers.

Finally the couple decided to get a divorce and as you can imagine this was very sad for the brothers at first but they later came around to the idea saying that two Christmases were better than one, it’s good they made it into a positive thing and even though divorce is very common nowadays, it’s tough on any kids no matter who they are.


Right now the brothers worked day and night on YouTube but they used to have some very different hobbies back in the day, Logan Paul made a name for himself in his local area by wrestling, his brother Jake then followed in his footsteps and became a very competitive wrestler at his high school, they were both very good and won several competitions.

Not only that, at the same time the brothers also played american football, they would compete and work out in the gym all day trying to be better than each other at football, Jake Paul gave it up during high school but Logan Paul continued to sports career into college but since moving to LA to become a youtuber and active full-time he hasn’t had time to keep it up.

By the looks of their old wrestling photos they were pretty good and despite still not playing any sports anymore they still do go to the gym every day, and recently Jake Paul played in a celebrity charity basketball game so perhaps they are changing what sports they are into.

Generations of Vlogging

How embarrassed would you be if your parents began making YouTube videos, well that’s exactly what Jake and Logan have to contend with, the parents Gregory and Pamela have recently taken up vlogging like their sons, this is odd because their parents already have quite good jobs.

The father Gregory is a realtor and the mother Pamela is a nurse, despite this they still vlog their everyday lives and post it to YouTube and thanks to their sons mentioning them a lot they have become quite successful online and recently their mom got her first brand deal.

She says she isn’t planning to quit her nursing job just yet, but has thought about it, if she starts making anywhere near the king of money her sons are perhaps it’s not a bad idea. As for their dad he’s currently traveling around the USA with some Jake Paul fans.

Business Man

Jake Paul is a YouTuber, Actor and also a Businessman, he has his own company named TeamDom which has raised a lot of money, he raised over one million dollars to employ members of Team 10 and to buy a big house in Hollywood for them to make videos in, one of those investors look famous Gray Vaynerchuk he was a big investor in Twitter and Uber.

So, perhaps TeamDom is going to be something big as Twitter and Uber have done so well, Jake Paul was able to raise one million dollars at 19 whick is rather impressive, apparently the way the company works is that 10% of all the members income goes into the company according to Logan Paul and according to sources 50% of the money the company makes goes to investors, despite this his brother logan Paul says the company doesn’t make much money but whether that’s true or not Jake Paul still making soem big business moves.


All know Team 10 it consists of 10 YouTubers who live in the same house together and Jake Paul is the CEO but the actual name of the company is Teamdom which consists of Team 10 as two of the team’s according to their website Team X and TGZ Capital are also two subsidiaries of Teamdom.

Team X basically the Team 10 of China and they connect Chinese brands with American influences and TGZ Capital is a funded by Jake Paul, Cameron Dallas and Patrick Finnegan, it seems they pay into Teamdom and invest in themselves, it’s unclear exactly what all of the things Teamdom does are it’s private business matters but suffice to say they are making some big deals behind the scenes and are doing much more than just making youtube videos.

The CEO of Teamdom John Nicks Crompton is also involved in a company called Social Chain which maybe to do with Teamdom and it seems like their company is growing every day in size and their fans and members, and for sure the company will be making everyone involved a very rich sooner or later.

Vine Street

We all know Jake Paul lived with Team 10 in the Team 10 House, but what about his brother Logan Paul? Well, he lives in one massive apartments located in Hollywood, he lives with various vine stars who are now on YouTube and the funny part is his apartment is located on a street called Vine Street, the apartment is huge and luxurious, he shared the apartment with viners such as King Batch and Mark Dohner and many famous others.


If you tuned into the Disney Channel in the last two years you may have seen the show called Bizaardvark, well Jake Paul actually features in this show, the show is about groups of kids who is split into teams, they create YouTube videos and compete with each other to get a lot of views, many youtubers and vine stars make cameos on the show but Jake Paul began as a fairly small character.

However since his recent fame he has now been given a much bigger role and more episodes now based around his character named Doug, he likely brings in hundreds of thousands of more viewers into the show and his contract is likely worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Like everyone the Paul brothers have had relationships and breakups, Jake a notoriously recently broke up with Alissa Violet, he even released a diss track on her which she made a response to with RiceGum.

Jake Paul is now married to Erika Costell, some say it would last but who really knows, Logan on the other hand has had a string of girlfriend, he has a lot of female fans so getting a girlfriend would not be a problem but he is currently rumoured to be dating actress Chloe Bennet and photos of them kissing in Hawaii have been snapped just days ago.

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