10 Tools Donald Trump Will Use To Spy On You

10 Tools Donald Trump Will Use To Spy On You

10 Tools Donald Trump Will Use To Spy On You – After Edward Snowden became a whistleblower and let the United States know that the government was spying on them, people have become concerned about their privacy.

Unfortunately, just reading our emails is only the beginning. Here are 10 tools the government is using to spy on you.


Even though snail mail might seem a bit redundant these days thanks to email, the government is keeping an eye on your deliveries.

Ttechnically, the united states postal service is a government agency, so it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that the government can easily spy on us through our mail.

The mail isolation control and tracking program was created after the anthrax attacks in 2001, and it has been scanning and analyzing billions of pieces of mail and sending the information off to law enforcement.


If you think about it, streetlights are nearly the perfect tool for spying on people. These days and newest models of streetlights are being made to have wireless communication with processing systems very much like a smartphone.

Some models will even give voice commands to those walking by. the streetlights will take pictures, record conversations, and count the number of people around and send off that information to law enforcement.

Pokemon Go

To be fair, this one is still under the “secularization” category, but the information is interesting. Pokemon go has been a big hit since its release in 2016.

But people were initially uncomfortable giving access to not only their phones gps and camera, but also their google account.

The app is made by a company called, niantic, whose founder also founded a company called keyhole. Keyhole received government funding from q-tel, courtesy of the national geospatial-intelligence agency “NGA”.

Did we mention that the NGA’s job is to collect, analyze, and distribute geospatial intelligence?


Yes, the government is spying on you with your own voice. With technology becoming so advanced voice-activated features are becoming quite popular.

But have you ever talked with a friend about a certain movie, only to open your computer or phone to info about that exact same topic?

That’s because the device is analyzing your conversation. Depending on what you talk about, your conversation may even be recorded for the government!


One of our most favorite things in the world also seems to be our biggest snitch. One of the most effective and subtle ways to spy on people without them realizing is to track their spending.

The government has been able to nab thieves and terrorists by simply tracking a person’s spending to see where they’re buying goods from, whether they’ve made a large deposit or withdrawal, and using credit card usages the track location.


The technology of using drones is becoming more complex and innovative than ever before.

The government has been known to invest money in drone program to collect data on public activities, as well as take photos of our faces to develop more complex facial recognition software.

The military has been investing in a few companies that are developing these drones to create a 3d model of our faces for more efficient recognition and identification.

The technology is still in development and the projects are moving forward.


One of society’s favorite pieces of technology is also one of the government’s most effective tool for spying on us.

Besides tracking internet usage and recording phone call, it has been said that the FBI constrained listened to your conversation even on the cell phone is turned off.

The public has been recommended to completely remove the smartphones’ battery if they want total and complete privacy.

The phones also have gps system, and can even be linked to bank accounts giving the government a one-stop-shop spy on you.


As cars have been developed and innovated, most of them just had the mechanics of a vehicle; turn on and drive.

But today, car come with built-in GPS systems, voice-activated technology, and the ability to leave with your cell phone.

Besides the obvious flaw of leaving yourself vulnerable to be spied on, cars are also said that have black boxes built into them starting back in 2014.

The idea is to collect data on what happened before and at the moment of a car crash, but conspiracy theorists believe that the government has more sinister plans with that information.

Wi-Fi Passwords

When we type in a Wi-Fi password on our computer or phone, we usually see little black dots that mask the password so it can’t be seen by an onlooker.

But what search engines like Google don’t want you to know is that the website can still read the passwords.

This has resulted in Google knowing almost every Wi-Fi password in the world. As you build up your data from your browsing, even if you delete it, there is still a log.

This has resulted in concern over whether Google will keep that info private and not give into the pressures from the government to share the information.

Household Appliances

Be careful, your television, dishwasher, and refrigerator might be listening to your conversation. How is this so?

The latest models and household appliances are more complex and amazing than ever with voice-activated command and even internet access.
However, this new technology has also been called the new face of wire-tapping, as the government can intercept information like your conversations, browsing history and even when you connect your phone to your lighting system and you’re dimming the living room.
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