How to Create Facebook Test Account

How to Create Facebook Test Account

Some users need to create a Facebook account without the need for an e-mail or phone number to test some of the most popular social networking sites or the user’s desire to use a Facebook account away from their existing account.

Fortunately, Facebook provides the ability to create a test account, which allows the user to experience the network in real life but with some restrictions on the use of the demo account, and in this post we review together How to Create Facebook Test Account.

Facebook test account restrictions

  • You can not convert the demo account to a real account.
  • You can not communicate with any real Facebook account, you can only communicate with other demo accounts.
  • You can post content on your profile but you can not post content anywhere else.
  • A demo account name will be assigned automatically and you can not change its name unless you request it from Facebook.
  • You can not set Username for the test account.

How to Create a Test Account on Facebook

First, sign in to your Facebook account, then go to the Test Account page and click Create New Account. Save your e-mail and password, and you can open and use the demo account by using this data.

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